最後の挨拶 Abschiedsrede vom JET-Programm

Heute war bei der Präfekturregierung die Abschiedszeremonie für die 25 Leute, die dieses Jahr aus dem JET-Programm aussteigen. Stellvertretend habe ich für den Gouverneur eine Rede gehalten, das englische Skript ist unten!


JET 任期終了挨拶












JET Leavers Speech 2014

Governor Kono, my fellow JETs, thank you for giving me the chance to speak here today. My name is Sascha Klinger. I am from Germany, and I have served as Coordinator for International Relations for Miyazaki City for the last five years.  I am incredibly honored to speak as the representative of this year’s leaving JETs.

We all had different reasons to join the JET program, different visions about what we would find in Japan. Many of us had no idea what to expect from Miyazaki. Speaking of myself, I only knew places like Osaka and Tokyo, so when I arrived in Miyazaki with its palm-lined streets, magic islands, deep blue sky and ocean, I instantly felt: This is not Japan. This is even better.

During our stay, we have done a great contribution the internationalization of Japan and Miyazaki, and I am convinced to the bottom of my heart, that becoming more international must be considered one of the most important goals of a country heading for the Olympic Games in the midst of raising political tensions with its neighbors.

Even though we came here today because we will leave the JET program, we did not come here to say farewell to Miyazaki. Even if we leave Japan, our heart will always be connected to here. Back in our home countries, we will endeavor to act as ambassadors for Miyazaki and share with others our love for this beautiful place.

Today is the fourth of July, in the US this is an important date of expressing love for their country. I would like to ask all leaving JETs here to connect with our American buddies and convert today’s patriotic feelings into appreciation and gratefulness to Miyazaki.

And because it is the 4th, I would like to say Thank you Miyazaki for four times.

Thank you, People of Miyazaki! For being warm and welcoming, relaxed and laid back, and for sharing lots of Hyuga Time with us!

Thank you, Nature of Miyazaki! For your beautiful blue sea and sky, your palm-fringed streets, your lush, green mountains, your refreshing, clean air.

Thank you, Food of Miyazaki! For delicious chicken nanban, vitalizing Hyuga Natsu, your consciousness amplifying shochu.

Thank you, spirits of Miyazaki! For sharing the spiritual power of the place where the first Tenno was born, where the legends started.

Once again, in the midst of your very busy schedules, thank you for taking the time to be here today. Governor Kono and all citizens of Miyazaki, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything!



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Eine Antwort to “最後の挨拶 Abschiedsrede vom JET-Programm”

  1. Ingrid Klinger Says:

    Leider kann ich nur wenig übersetzen. Doch ich bin mir sicher, dass die Rede sehr gut war.
    Ich wünsche einen Abschied für alle in eine gute Zukunft!

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